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”Worldwide leader in event engineered support structures. From expo to rock ´n´ roll.”

Milos - Structural Systems

A wide range of products & support structures featuring extensive connection compatibility with many popular trussing systems.

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A premium quality truss manufacturer focused on research & development of stylish solutions for custom & bespoke projects.

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An aluminium truss and structural components manufacturer for the entertainment, audiovisual, exhibition, and worship industries.

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Milos.Works better.


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The second best place

The best place to be during a race is in the driver’s seat. But unfortunately, there is only enough space for one person. For the rest of the racing team and equipment, a stable and safe shelter is needed during the long hours before, during and after the race. For these times, Milos offers you tent structures which are quick and easy to assemble/disassemble, compact and easy to transport. To deal with the various ground conditions encountered during the race season, versatility is built into every Milos tent which allows them to be installed on surfaces such as grass, asphalt or sand.

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