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”Worldwide leader in event engineered support structures. From expo to rock ´n´ roll.”

Milos - Structural Systems

A wide range of products & support structures featuring extensive connection compatibility with many popular trussing systems.

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A premium quality truss manufacturer focused on research & development of stylish solutions for custom & bespoke projects.

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An aluminium truss and structural components manufacturer for the entertainment, audiovisual, exhibition, and worship industries.

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Milos.Works better.

Hardware Replacement

Trade in your old truss

   Replace your old stock with new fully certified Milos products
Any truss make/brand acceptable for special trade-in program
Unlock the hidden value of your used inventory, upgrade & save

Unlock the hidden value of your used
inventory and upgrade to Milos Truss

Trading in your used hardware is a cost efficient method of replacing old inventory with safe and reliable Milos truss. Just trade in your used, or broken equipment and receive up to a 23% discount on your purchase of new Milos truss.

A cost efficient way to get new, reliable truss that is
safe to work with and you can be proud of

Our Hardware Replacement Program quarantees that you will be provided with fully certified, high quality equipment from any range of Milos truss you choose. Simply decide whether you will only replace your worn or borken truss, or if you will replace everything. This offer is valid for ALL used truss, regardless of brand or system compatibility.

How the program works:



If the total weight of your old materials is the same weight as the new Truss you can purchase from us with up to an Extra 23% discount. 

ikona-Milos-(1).jpg We will arrange pick-up of your old materials and arrange delivery of your new Truss to your specified location.

The materials you trade in can be in any condition, any age and from any manufacturer.


To assure that all is  in-line with your expectations, we will agree a trade in value and sign a contract before completing the transaction.

Contact us today and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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