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”Worldwide leader in event engineered support structures. From expo to rock ´n´ roll.”

Milos - Structural Systems

A wide range of products & support structures featuring extensive connection compatibility with many popular trussing systems.

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A premium quality truss manufacturer focused on research & development of stylish solutions for custom & bespoke projects.

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An aluminium truss and structural components manufacturer for the entertainment, audiovisual, exhibition, and worship industries.

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Milos.Works better.


Who is MILOS? How long has it been in existence?

MILOS has been on the market for 20 years. MILOS grew from a small Czech company into an international group represented in Europe, Asia and the United States. Currently, the companies MILOS, TOMCAT, LITEC and JAMES THOMAS ENGINEERING belong to the AREA FOUR INDUSTRIES family of companies.

What kind of a warranty do I get with my products?

Our products are either manufactured by us or purchased through authorized sellers. Therefore, we offer a full warranty 24 months. If an extended warranty is offered by us or our suppliers, it is mentioned on our product pages. The warranty does not apply to used goods, accessories and parts that are not durable, such as pins and pegs.

For selected products, we offer an additional year on the warranty period after the product is registered. Click here to register your product.

Are all your products completely new and in original packaging?

Yes! If products are not identified otherwise, all of our products are new and in original packaging.

What steps should I take if I don’t like the products that I have purchased?

If you would like to return purchased items, please contact our customer service department and they will provide you with more information. You can contact us at info@milos.cz or by phone at +420 416 837 846.

You will need to obtain an RMA form to be inserted in your return shipment to expedite the process. After acceptation money will be credited to the method of original purchase.

Please remember that custom products may not be returned. We depend on your professional knowledge when you order custom made goods.

What should I do if the product is damaged?

Upon delivery, please make sure the person who receives the shipment carefully inspects the order for both visual and concealed damage. Receiving should sign off "subject to further inspection" and note any visible damage. Contact our customer service team within 1 day of delivery to report damage from shipping, so that a timely report can be made with the shipping company.

You can contact us at info@milos.cz or by phone at +420 416 837 846

Can I contact you by telephone, fax or e-mail?



We will always provide you with a contact to the person that will give you the best service, either by e-mail or phone.

We will answer your questions within 24 hours. 



Great Britain +44 (0)1945 410 700 

USA +1 800 411 0065 

Germany +49 711 99 79 8960 

Europe +420 416 837 846

Who is going to answer my technical questions?

At MILOS, you will get the best possible care via telephone and e-mail. We are available in case you have any questions or problems.

Important Note: In many cases, it is easier to answer your questions over the phone. Please include your phone number in e-mails so we can contact you. 



Great Britain +44 (0)1945 410 700 

USA +1 800 411 0065 

Germany +49 711 99 79 8960 

Europe +420 416 837 846

What should I do if I have a warranty claim? Who will help me?

In case of a warranty claim, please contact our Customer Service Department by phone at  
+420 416 837 846 or send an email to info@milos.cz.   


If your warranty claim will be accepted, you’ll need to obtain an RMA form and include it with your return shipment for expediting the process.

Who can I contact to express my satisfaction or lodge a complaint?

We’re happy to receive positive feedback. But if you’ve had a bad experience, please let us know. Your feedback motivates us to constantly improve our services. 


We enjoy hearing directly from our customers.  We want to know if you were taken care of correctly and if you have any suggestions on how we could improve our service.  You can also contact us if you need help with anything.  Our goal is your satisfaction. 


If you have a problem with your order, or feel you did not receive proper service, send an e-mail to info@milos.cz.  MILOS Director, Frantisek Zykan, personally reads all e-mail addressed to him. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen he is not able to personally answer all e-mails. In any case, you can rest assured your complaints or suggestions will be registered and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you’re served better in the future.

Do you offer special conditions for Dealers?

MILOS is systematically building a Dealer network and helping it to grow. Conditions on how to become a MILOS Business Partner can be found here http://www.milossystems.com/Partnerschaft/ - Partnership.  Do not hesitate to contact us at info@milos.cz if you have any questions regarding the resale of our products.

Do you check products before dispatching them?

Yes. Our Quality Control Department checks all MILOS products.

Can I trade in older equipment?

Yes!  MILOS offers a program involving the collection of used, substandard or broken truss against the purchase of new products. We call it our “Hardware Replacement Program” and more information can be found here.


(http://www.milossystems.com/Partnership/Hardware-Replacement-gb/). Please contact us if you would like more information.

How can I receive more information about your products?

If you cannot find enough information about MILOS products on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at info@milos.cz or by phone at +420 416 837 846. Our specialists would be delighted to help you.

Can you send me catalogues with information about certain products?

Of course!  Just send your address and phone number to info@milos.cz. Don’t forget to include your phone number - it’s faster to contact you by phone if we have additional questions or if we find we have no additional information to provide to you. Just list the products you wish to receive more information about. 


We are the biggest manufacturer of aluminium structures, truss systems and accessories. As a specialist in the event industry, we employ trained professionals and experts. We help you choose the best products and equipment.

Can you send me product service manuals?

Yes! You can order service manuals for every product that MILOS offers.  Please include a copy of your invoice or the serial number of your product.

What does “TÜV“ mean?

TÜV is an international system for testing the quality and safety of products, systems and services.


We confirm that MILOS products meet the required DIN standards and are certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.

What technical standards are respected in the production of roofs?

MILOS products that fall within the roof segment are in accordance with the following standards:


DIN EN 13814, DIN 4112, DIN 4113, DIN 1055-4, DIN 18800, DIN EN 1999, DIN EN 1991, DIN EN 1993.

What does „CE“ mean?

The 'CE' symbol confirms the product complies with EU legislation requirements. In other words, it‘s a prerequisite for sale in the European Union. It only applies to products in categories listed in specific EU directives regarding CE compliance.

What are the delivery times for painted products?

Painting of our products is one of the services we offer. In this case, the newly manufactured product must go to an external supplier for an additional step at a professional paint shop. Total delivery time, depending on the extent of your order, is usually two weeks.

Must braces be strictly used when connecting structures?

MILOS structures with 900 braces on the edges may also be joined in a manner that makes them look like they are not braced.  But such a connection fulfils all load requirements, which is supported by static calculations approved by European authorities.

What is the difference between a normal and light multicube?

The innovative "light" multicube is offered within the M290 / M390 QUATRO product lines. It is a sophisticated variant and is the most used on the market. It maintains the same outer dimensions compared to the normal version with subtle differences in design elements (main tube and brace) and has a lower self-weight.


The MILOS Sales Department will be happy to answer any questions on the efficient use of multicubes.

Does the multicube contain any fasteners? How many fasteners are in the box?

Multicubes do not include fasteners, but if necessary, you can purchase sets separately for each of the product lines: Parcel Duo (2 conical connectors, 4 pins, 4 safety clips), Parcel Trio (3 conical connectors, 6 pins, 6 safety clips), Parcel Quatro (4 conical connectors, 8 pins, 8 safety clips).

What is the load bearing capacity of cubes compared to corners?

Cubes are essentially a versatile and variable load-bearing component.  Nevertheless, the appropriateness of a particular solution, or limit of the load, is always determined by the actual setup.

What is the load bearing capacity of MILOS MT1 and MT2 towers?  Do they have a static calculation?

The load bearing capacity of the MT1 tower is 750 kg in the case of using a manual chain hoist, and 1,000 kg up to a maximum height of 7.5 m for the version with an electric motor.


The load bearing capacity of the MT2 tower is 2,000 kg up to a max. height of 12.5 m with an electric motor. Yes, a static calculation can be provided and is always based on a concrete setup.

Are drawings of the roof in the „dwg“ format available for buyers?

CAD models of complex product designs, such as roofs, are available on request but are not provided as a normal part of your order.


CAD models of standard parts are available in the Download Center, which can be found here.

Can I connect Duo/Trio/Quatro truss together?

The Duo/Trio/Quatro truss have special connectors that eliminate incompatibility with differently oriented axes in the housing.


MILOS salesmen will advise you on solutions for concrete situations.


What are the applications for M290E truss?

The M290 truss, with integrated track lighting, is an ideal solution for exhibition installations, as well as store installations and their lighting. Consult with the MILOS Sales or Technical Department for questions concerning proper wiring and connections for maintaining functionality of the circuit.


What is the load bearing capacity of a structure designed by a customer?

If a customer submits their own idea for a structure, the MILOS Technical Department will assess whether it is structurally viable and recommend changes where appropriate for optimal utilization of individual components. Part of this solution is a load capacity proposal for the structure provided by our side.

Where can I find information on the load bearing capacity of individual truss?

The product section on the MILOS website (http://www.milossystems.com) contains detailed and relevant data about the load bearing capacity of individual products (downloads / catalogue).  The same information can be found in the printed MILOS catalogue (available on request). If you do not find the information you‘re looking for, contact the MILOS Sales Department.

Is MILOS truss resistant to water, standing in water and extreme temperatures?

Truss is designed to perform its function in an appropriate environment, i.e. indoor or outdoor, and in a range of normal temperatures and weather conditions. A complete list of possibilities is outside the scope of this definition, such as partial placement in water.  You should always consult with the MILOS Technical Department.

What does the item "Engineering" mean in price quotations?

Handling of some requests involve additional work outside of the Sales Department’s normal activities and require further steps, such as specialized designs, calculations, drawings, or samples that are connected with a specific project.


This extra work by the MILOS Technical Department is referred to as "Engineering" in the price quotation.

Do you rent out truss?  If so, for how much?

No, we don’t.  But if you’re interested in this service, the MILOS Sales Department will recommend trusted partners you can contact.  The price depends on your exact needs.

Do you provide services such as assembly, installation of structures, construction of stands and roofs, construction assistance, and construction consulting?

Currently, assistance and consulting services related to help for installation, assembly of kits, assembly of stands, etc. are usually available with newly launched products, or as a complementary extension of the order by mutual agreement.

How much do specialized components and parts cost?

Each request outside of our normal portfolio of components and parts requires minimally the same, but often more, costly steps and operations beyond the standard procedures by the Technical Department, and hence production. The subsequent spread of such specialized parts and components on the market is severely restricted, which is reflected in the sale price.

Is it possible to use QTB truss with towers?  What is the load bearing capacity?

Yes. QTB truss is included as part of the MT05 tower, which is ideal for smaller gatherings and events thanks to its lighter construction.  Use with other types of towers is not possible. Technical details about the MT05 are available in the relevant section of the website http://www.milossystems.com or in our printed catalogue.

Is it possible to construct the MT1 tower 8.5 meters high?

The maximum height of the MT1 tower is normally 7.5 m. Exceeding this height, without prior consultation with the MILOS Technical Department, is not possible.

What is the loading capacity of a cantilever on the MT1 and MT2?

Information concerning the load limits of a cantilever on the MT1 and MT2 towers are available according to a specified assembly. Please contact the MILOS Sales or Technical Department for more information.

What is the process of installing a structure with truss that has 900 brackets?

MILOS structures with 900 reinforcements on the edges can be joined in a manner that do not optically seem reinforced, but the static assembly is sound. In case of potential problems with the exhibition organizer, contact the MILOS Sales Department. In cooperation with the Technical Department, all necessary support will be promptly provided.

I want to construct truss at a length that is greater than the maximum length indicated in the catalogue. Is this possible?

All products in the truss segment are the result of a sophisticated development process, with related functional and load tests. The data we present for each product reflects the resulting findings and calculations, which define boundaries for their proper and safe use. The user is taking risks by exceeding these limits, for which MILOS assumes no responsibility.

What is the load bearing capacity of the circle?

We can estimate the loading according to our truss loading charts.  A static calculation can be provided at an extra charge. The MILOS Sales or Technical Department will provide information on a concrete order.

Are products packaged on pallets?

Products are packed into boxes.  If the customer has no special conditions, or prior arrangements in regards to the shipment, they are transported without the use of pallets.

Are the products compatible?

Contact the MILOS Sales Department with concrete questions regarding compatibility.

Is it possible to have the structures painted?  How much does it cost?

Structures are supplied in a natural aluminium finish as standard but you have the option of choosing any powder coat colour.


Contact the MILOS Sales Department for more information about the cost of painted structures.

Does x.Truss work on QTV truss?

Yes. Components of the "x.Truss" product line are compatible with all M222 and M290 systems.

I have a 1 – 1.5 mm gap between the trusses. Is this OK?

The connection between MILOS truss is designed to be reliable and safe. The principle of a conical connection means that all forces from a permanently loaded structure are transmitted to all parts of the joint. For this reason, MILOS deliberately designed a space between bushings with a max. gap of 1 - 1.5 mm so the joint doesn’t lose its strength even in the case of wear caused by normal use (especially when the steel pins are pushed deeply through the sleeve and pin).

Why does some truss have a diagonal crossbar in the front?

The diagonal crossbar is a structural component that increases resistance to external deformation forces.

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