Detailed information

Key benefits

  • Iconic BAT Roof structure for temporary events
  • Special cross tensioned tower masts requiring no external plant for assembly
  • Various sizes using various truss ranges available
  • Includes back stage area
  • Supplied complete with internal wind bracing wires & connection accessories
  • Full structural calculation report & build manual available
  • PVC roof colour and side walls options
  • Integrated base ring-beam using heavy-duty M290 series
  • Optional front cantilever
Technical specification
Dimensions   Stage size 16x10 m 52,50x32,81 ft
A Internal width 17,22 m 56.50 ft
B Overall external width 18,62 m 61.09 ft
C Internal depth 10,40 m 34.12 ft
D Overall external depth 11,80 m 38.71 ft
E Clearance 8,00 m 26.25 ft
F Overall height 8,86 m 29.07 ft
G Cantilever depth 3,17 m 10.40 ft
H Overall external width - TOP 21,30 m 69.88 ft
I Overall external height - TOP 11,84 m 38.85 ft
Loading capacity
Loading capacity   Stage size 16x10 m 52,50x32,81 ft
Main grid Uniformly distributed (UDL) 6000 kg 13216 lbs
* See structural report for exact load positioning  
Operational specifications
Design standarts DIN EN 13814 (2005)
DIN EN 1991 / Eurocode 1
DIN EN 1999 / Eurocode 9
DIN EN 1993 / Eurocode 3
Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures
Actions on structures / wind
Design of aluminium structures
Design of steel structures
• All our structures are standard produced under EN 1090 EXC2, include neccessary guy wires, instruction manual and engineering report
Wind management Out of service
In service
28m/s - 100km/h - 62mph (Max. gust windspeed)
17,8m/s - 64km/h - 40mph (Max. gust windspeed)
* Full side walls coverage
* Training recommended
Ballast This can vary per column from 1800kg / 3694lbs up to 2813kg / 6196lbs and depends on:
• If towers are free standing or interconnected
• Lay-out of canopies
• Self-weight of load or interconnected stage is considered (Might be deducted from ballast under certain conditions)
• Friction material used between screw jacks, padding and sub soil
Canopy & sidewalls B1 fire retardant canopy on request
Silvergrey; other colors or inside black on request
Customized Customisation (i.e. truss configuration, alternative dimensions, roof adjustability) on requirement
Transportation data
Self-weight Stage size 16x10 m 52,50x32,81 ft
* Exact self-weight depends on configuration 4990 kg 10991 lbs
Transport volume * Packed in carton boxes and bubble foil 60 m3 2119 ft3


BAT (16x10m)

​One-of-a-kind BAT roof design, including back stage area, that can be custom ordered with various truss sizes and ranges for a perfect fit at your big events.
BAT 16x10m
Max. Stage Dimensions
16x10 m
Max. Clearance
11,84 m
Max. SWL
6000 kg
Wind Rating
64/100 km/h (in/out of service)
BAT (16x10m)


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