S-MT-PA- Steel PA Tower

S-MT-PA- Steel PA Tower
The S-MT-PA- Steel PA Tower provides unbelievably large loading capacities for flying PA Systems at your monstrous events. Special ultra high-strength steel alloys allow truss sections to handle an average of 2.5x more loading at just double the weight compared to aluminium systems with the same dimensions and under the same deflection.
A single tower can safely fly up to 2,500kg without the need for guy wires and little to no ballast (up to 2t) due to the self-weight of the tower (70kg/metre). And thanks to its extreme stability, secured structures can withstand wind loadings of up to 28m/second.

Size and weight capacities:
Front face of PA: 10 m2
Side face of PA: 5m2 max.
Loading capacity: 2,500 kg