Gravity bar

Gravity bar
Gravity Bar- Two Products in One

The idea was based on the design and functionality of a Delta Plate. Perhaps one disadvantage of the Delta Plate is that is unlikely to achieve a perfect 100% load distribution of 50-to-50.
Thanks to our new design you will always achieve a perfectly balanced weight distribution even if one chain hoist moves slower than its partner.
When using the Gravity Bar upside down, meaning with a fixed inner hanger, you can adjust the bottom hanging point horizontally. This e.g. allows for adjusting the direction of a PA line array system

• Two products in one
• Distribution of the load is always 50:50 between hanging points
• Allows for horizontal adjustment of the bottom hanging points
• WLL 4000 kg respectively 2000 kg when used over head (acc. to DGUV V17)
• Including dynamic factor of 1.2