Milos introduces STEEL TRUSS!

The worldwide market for events is becoming larger every year, with higher loads and taller structures required more and more often. Using different sectors of industry as inspiration, we’ve designed a full range of steel trusses, towers and base sections.

Through the use of very special steel alloys, we’ve developed trusses that are able to handle an average of 2.5x more load at just double the weight compared to aluminium systems with the same dimensions and under the same deflection. Our steel truss is manufactured under TUV monitoring and according to EN1090.
- Optimised weight to strenght ratio
- Optimised dimensions for packaging and/or nesting in trucks
- Use of profiles with OD’s to suit scaff clamps
- Pinned connectors for increased strength and safety
- Integrated forklift pick up points
- End frames with lateral connection options
- Matt black, impact-resistant industrial paint finish
- Optional: metalizing for additional protection
- Exchangeable dimensions with aluminium equivalents for achieving up to 3x more strength
- Optimised webbing pattern for ease of use when assembling cross trusses
- 200 cm truss is foldable including lateral diagonals for ease of transport