Our Steel LED Tower provides extreme loading capacity for safely flying your large LED screens without the need for guy wires
Safely and securely support the extreme weight of your large LED displays (up to 3,000kg and 60 m2 screen) with our Steel LED Tower!
  • Special steel alloy that provides a nearly 3x more strength compared to standard S235 Steel
  • Integrated forklift pockets for convenient transport
  • Durable, industrial black paint finish as standard on all truss and tower modules
Due to the use of our integrated steel base with outriggers (3m outriggers at front/back and base to base connection based on length of screen), no guy wires from tower to base are necessary. Length of inner outriggers that interconnect the two towers depends on length of the LED Wall.
Wind loading of secured structure is up to 28m/second. In case of high wind speeds, the LED screen must be lowered to the ground and connected to the top of the tower.