360° Double Dimension Roof Design

Event Center is a unique Estonian event management company that provides fully tailored rental services for Baltic and Nordic countries.  Having more than 3,000 events under its belt since 1998, they know what it takes to satisfy the needs of their broad customer base.  When the time came for expanding their inventory of roofs, they contacted Milos with a very special request.  They needed one dual dimension roof that could serve the various needs and space requirements of their customers.  The roof should have the dimensions of both 12 x 10 metres and 15 x 12 metres.

Milos does not offer this type of modular roof in their range of products, so the Design Department was given the challenge to create one….and the deadline was only one month away! 

The designers started their task by using the Milos MR3 roof as a base.  As neither of the requested sizes from 3600 were available in the MR3 range, it was necessary for the designers to do a completely new design.  They started their task by using as many universally available parts from the MR3 inventory as possible (to reduce costs for the client) and created new designs for the additional parts necessary for both roof sizes.

The end result was a modular roof that answered the request of 3600 – designed, manufactured, tested, and delivered to Finland within one month.  To date, the roof has been used for two large events in Finland - The Summer Up Music Festival in Lahti (www.summerup.fi) and the Wanaja Music Festival in Hämeenlinna (www.wanajafestival.fi). Both events were overwhelmingly successful and the roof performed flawlessly. 

With the newly designed modular MR3 roof from Milos, 3600 has the extra ammunition needed to tackle its next 3,000 events.

Contact the Milos Sales Department today with your own custom request and experience first-hand their “Simply Connected” event engineered support structures.