Area Four Industries debuts its new face

Area Four Industries is rapidly growing and increasing its global reach. With this growth comes change, and one of the most visible changes is the launch of the new Area Four Industries logo and visual style.


The unique execution of the “4” in the new logo will be used as an element that connects all brands to Area Four Industries. You will see it next to all of the Area Four Industries brand logos so they are united and identified as part of the group.


In addition, the new visual style with a female rigger will further join the four brands together under one, global Area Four Industries banner.

Going forward, the new logo and visual style will serve as signposts that show the new direction Area Four Industries is blazing for the future. The red color, unique “4” and female rigger will be easily recognizable elements that will always identify and lead you to Area Four Industries and its quartet of brands.

Area Four Industries and its brands thank you for your patronage and look forward to a strong and lasting relationship.