Epic Tutankhamen Exhibition - CZ

Technical production solutions provider Smart Production SRO from Prague, Czech Republic has invested in substantial quantities of MILOS’s M390L Quatro truss. The Czech Republic headquartered MILOS Group is the largest global aluminium trussing manufacturer offering the most diverse portfolio of trussing and related products  worldwide. Smart Productions’ new trussing went directly into use in a large structure built for the current "Tutankhamen – His Tomb and Treasures" exhibition, staged at the Holesovice Exhibition Centre in Prague, Czech Republic. 

The impressive trussing structure – measuring 97 metres long by 32 metres deep in total - is 4.9 metres high and joined together by a series of MILOS M390 multi-cube junctions. It is supported on 40 legs constructed from the same type of trussing.The structure forms the framework for several viewing sections of the experience in the main exhibition space, and is rigged with individual booths below, as well as banners, graphics and scenic materials plus assorted lighting and AV equipment.

More pictures on http://www.facebook.com/MilosGroup