Get Creative With MILOS Self-Standing Lighting Frames

Get Creative With MILOS Self-Standing Lighting Frames
Get creative with MILOS. Explore a whole new world of lighting possibilities with the latest modular lighting bars and grid frames produced in our state-of-the-art factories.

By focusing on customer satisfaction and advice from end-users, MILOS T and H Self-Standing frames have been developed to provide guaranteed trouble-free mounting of your lighting fixtures. Fixed securely to the floor, using the T and H Self-Standing frames mean that positioning and angling of your lighting pathways has never been so fast and flexible.

Designed to complement the Milos modular single tube M100 series, which connect quickly and securely to main truss grids via our CELL clamps or suspension cables, the self-standing fixtures offer you a multiplicity of options.

All frames feature conical connection technology, and durable 48x3mm extruded aluminium profile tubes. Mix and match to create stunning lighting or stage configurations. All components offer flawless quality and are available in Natural Aluminium or a Powder Coated Black finish.

Milos is a 25+ young brand with fast, flexible, and affordable quality solutions. MILOS works better.