Go, Create, With MILOS Furniture and DJ Kits.

Go, Create, With MILOS Furniture and DJ Kits.
Sleek, modern, clean lines combined with the multi-functionality and durability of aluminium, MILOS DJ Kits and Furniture give you limitless options to design your stage set. Whether you are looking for an intimate atmosphere or a stunning stage spectacle, MILOS Furniture and DJ Kits promise to release your inner creativity.

Glow Totems and Truss Totems

Glow Totems and Truss Totems are the perfect accessory for the active and creative DJ. These upright truss displays are simple to build and disassemble, and require no additional support. Our Totems are suitable for both small, intimate events as well as large-scale spectacles. There is also the option to place the Totems inside or outdoors, and allows for the safe and secure hanging of LCD and Plasma screens. You can also create different light sets for a visually stunning experience.

Bar Chairs and Tables

Bar chairs and tables are a great addition to any exhibition, restaurant, or other location where a sleek modern look is desired. They combine the clean lines of a truss with a finished wooden surface.


Keep your sheet music, stage directions, and lighting instructions close at hand with our range of incredibly stylish aluminium lecterns.
Truss sleeves are an elegant and effective solution for wrapping your truss neatly and safely.

Truss Textile Sleeves


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