M290V for Volvo, Bentley - Asia

Milos was entrusted to provide the support structures for the Volvo and Bentley brand presentations at two very important Asian car shows this past November.

Volvo called on Milos to provide around 1,000 meters of M290 Quatro truss for their presentation at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, which was held from November 22nd until December 1st at the Big Sight exhibition halls in Ariake, Koto-ku.   This was the first appearance of Volvo at the show in 7 years and featured the Volvo Concept Coupé as the main attraction. The theme of the 2013 show was "Compete! And shape a new future.", and was host to a total of 178 companies and 181 brands from 12 countries worldwide.  With a total of 76 world premiere models and 81 Japanese models, it was crucial for the Volvo presentation to stand out from the crowd of competing brands.   Volvo turned to Milos to be the trusted "backbone" of their return to the Tokyo car show and help them make a memorable comeback.   As a result of their success at the Tokyo show, Volvo plans to work again with Milos in April 2014 for the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

The British car brand Bentley worked together with Milos to provide its support structure at the 11th Guangzhou Auto Show, held from November 23rd – 25th in Guangzhou, China. Bentley chose one of the largest and most important Chinese auto shows to debut 5 of its Mulsanne Four Seasons Edition Golden Pine cars. Even with more than 600 domestic and international car makers presenting more than 900 models at the Chinese show, Bentley was still able to make an impact with its five golden treasures.  Costing from $1 million - $1.5 million each for the special edition Golden Pine, Bentley was not ready to trust just any brand for the 300 meters of truss that was needed for supporting their exhibition stand and overhead lights. They chose Milos.