Milos, Safely Transporting Base Plates

Milos, Safely Transporting Base Plates
Milos cares for its customers. As anyone who has visited our state-of-the-art factories can testify, our flexible, end-user-orientated philosophy ensures our clients can always expect the very best from our dedicated product designers. And this does not only apply to our top-end products. Recognising the need for a safe and reliable means to transport items such as the heavy steel base plates used with our range of aluminium trusses, the product designers at Milos have come up with the perfect solution to transfer these bulky, heavy items.

The Milos BP-M-B-K 600x600-S Cart is specifically created to transport and store up to 8 600x600mm steel base plates, therefore optimizing all-important transport space.

The cart is an all-welded aluminium construction designed for maximum strength and durability. Castor wheels with an added braking system come as standard, and all carts are fitted with Silon base plate holders to avoid any scratching of the actual base plates. Ease of handling is guaranteed, and the carts are stackable when empty, allowing you to save essential storage space when not in use.

The Milos BP-M-B-K 600x600-S Cart is another reminder that the customer is always at the forefront of Milos’ user-centric philosophy.

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