MILOS MR6 26x16 Pitched Roof

MILOS MR6 26x16 Pitched Roof
MILOS MR6 large-scale pitched roof is designed to meet all the requirements posed by large-scale events
The Roof stands on six robust M520 QTPT Truss towers. The Grid of the roof is formed from Truss M1200 RTR, which, with its unique features and large SPAN up to 50m, can support even the largest outdoor events.
The height under the roof is almost 14m and provides plenty of room for lighting, effects and other required elements or decoration.
The roof boasts a load capacity of up to 32t so that it is possible to fit the desired equipment without any limits. The load-bearing capacity for the PA is 4t on the front cantilever, ensuring quality sound for the audience.
To expand the audio and video options, wings for PA/Video can be supplied on request.
For Backstage or other installations, there is the option to supply side structures to suit the customer's needs.
To give your event a distinctive look, choose from a wide selection of coloured PVC covers.
Keder Profiles will make it easy to install the tarp and help keep it well-tensioned so that you achieve coverage from the required sides safely.
  • MR6 large-scale pitched roof structure
  • 6x M520 QTPT tower truss​
  • Main grid made of 5 spans of M1200 RTR truss
  • Clearance height of nearly 14 m
  • 32t loading capacity
  • 2,5t for PA on the front cantilever
  • side stage structures on request
  • PA/video wing options available on request
  • Range of coloured PVC covers available
  • Rear wall made of Keder profile 300x122 mm
  • Side wall made of Keder profile 250x122 mm
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