MILOS Product Academy held in Czech and China

MILOS Product Academy held in Czech and China
The MILOS Product Academy experienced another two successful editions this year in both the Czech Republic and China. 

The Czech Product Academy focused strictly on MILOS products and was held on 2 – 3 May at MILOS Headquarters and factory in Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic.  More than 30 participants were in attendance from European countries that included the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark. 

The Academy’s program included displays and presentations of new MILOS products, presentations about truss, truss loading demonstrations, a tour of the MILOS factory and a robust question & answer session at the end of the second day. A fun evening with delicious Czech food and well-deserved beverages was also enjoyed between the two days of the workshop.

Photos from Product Academy Czech Republic

Video from Product Acadeny Czech Republic

One week later, the Product Academy moved to the MILOS office and factory in Guangzhou, China. Unlike the Czech Academy, this workshop focused on both MILOS and EXE Technology products. Its program included a tour of the MILOS factory, new MILOS product displays and presentations, and informative truss presentations. 

For the EXE Technology part of the Academy, hands-on assembly and disassembly of EXE chain hoists were covered, as well as information provided about their inspection and certification. The EXE range was also presented. At the end of the two days, a wide-ranging question & answer session was held. Halfway through the Academy program, attendees from China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau were treated to an enjoyable dinner. 

Photos from Product Academy China

As always, we were happy to share product and technical information with Academy participants and look forward to next year’s double session of the MILOS Product Academy!