Milos Reaches For The Stars

Milos Reaches For The Stars
Soaring into the skies almost as far as the eye can see, the stunning, super-strong S-MT-Q-Steel Truss Tower is the latest production from the renowned Milos state-of-the-art factories to take the construction market by storm.
Designed for the construction of immense roofing areas, the Steel Tower is able to reach a maximum height of 22.5 metres from the ground. But what makes it truly unique is the ultra-high-strength steel alloy truss sections able to handle a massive 2.5 times more loading weight than any comparable aluminium system.

Perhaps even more impressive is that although being just double the weight of any competing aluminium construction of the same dimensions, the Milos Steel Tower can safely bear loads up to an astonishing 45 tons within a ground support system.

And if this were not enough, the added features and benefits of the Steel Tower make for truly breath-taking reading.

Constructed with Milos S-QTQT High-Strength Steel Trusses (780 x 780mm), the 40 metre spans deliver a Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) of 76kg/m, with a steel sleeve block and head section coupled with aluminium bearings and wheels. A unique locking unit for protection of the sleeve block and mother grid guards against both drop and lift, while an integrated steel base is fitted with outriggers that interconnect between towers placed in ground support systems; self-standing towers feature 4 metre outriggers at the front and rear.

Steel base lugs are equipped with a variety of guy wire attachment points. Optimized dimensions are designed for packaging and/or nesting in trucks; there are further profiles with optimized dimensions to suit scaff clamps.
Milos is famed for being flexible and focusing on end user satisfaction, particularly when it comes to safety. The S-MT-Q Steel Tower is fitted with pinned connectors for added security and strength, with the end frames equipped with lateral connection options. Integrated forklift pickup points are also included.

Words obviously fail to do justice to the ingenuity, expertise, and sheer imagination and scope of the Milos S-MT-Q Steel Truss Tower. To fully appreciate the excitement shown by industry experts, take a moment to look through the photo gallery and marvel at the extraordinary engineering prowess demonstrated by the latest creation of Milos.

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