MILOS Safety Helmet

MILOS Safety Helmet
Meet our new MILOS Helmet, which is specially designed for all riggers and their needs.

MILOS presents its new proprietary helmet. It has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of riggers and other related professions.
It will help them perform their work more efficiently and, most importantly, with the greatest possible degree of safety. All this in a modern and stylish design.
Our goal was to keep the helmet as lightweight as possible, and it weighs just 430 g. The Helmet is made from PP – Polypropylene material and thus complies with the following norms:
INDUSTRIAL use: EN397, ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class C.
  • an adaptive fit system
  • ventilation holes
  • prepared clips for lamps and other accessories
  • designed space for headphones or hearing protectors
  • ring to hook
  • lateral adjustment divider
  • webbing suspension system with anti-shock paddings
  • removable paddings (sweat absorption and waterproof)
  • removable suspension system for easy washing of the helmet’s shell
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