MILOS Steel Tower

MILOS Steel Tower
The MILOS S-MT-Q-PA Steel PA Tower is here for you if you need a solution with large loading capacities for flying PA Systems at your events.
Rig your PA and be heard with MILOS S-MT-Q-PA Tower!
Milos Steel Tower works perfectly with aluminium structures. These steel towers are the perfect and efficient way to increase the load capacity of aluminium structures.
Higher towers on specific request.
· Constructed of MILOS S-QTQT Ultra High-Strength Steel Truss (780 x 780mm; 40 metre spans with UDL 76kg/m).
· Option to attach an advertising banner on the front of the top cantilever with 1 m² size and a self-weight of 30kg.
· Fly up to 2,500kg PA Systems up to 20 metres high.
· Integrated steel base with outriggers (3m outriggers at front/back and 2m on each side).
· Steel base lugs feature a variety of guy wire attachment points.
· Multiple attachment points on base for connection of hoists and safeties.
· Optimized dimensions for packaging and/or nesting in the truck.
· Profiles with OD’s to suit Scaff Clamps.
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