Modular Crowd Barrier System

Modular Crowd Barrier System
MILOS Crowd Barriers have a very wide application for all events where it is necessary to define, restrict entry, or direct any crowd towards a specific area.
MILOS Crowd Barriers are quick to assemble and dismantle and seamlessly connect to each other to create an impenetrable barrier. Made of corrosion-resistant aluminium the MILOS Crowd Barrier System combines safety, utility, and aesthetics. They fold flat after use and can be stacked on dollies for easy transport and storage.

Crowd Barrier – 1m Standard Unit - CWB-B

 The standard unit is part of our lightweight crowd control system. They can be bolted together to create an anchored barrier fence that will remain in place - even in the most challenging situations.


Crowd Barrier – Variable Corner - CWB-VC

The adjustable corner unit allows you to overcome barrier placement challenges with its flexible range of corner angles.


Crowd Barrier – Gate Access - CWB-DC

Crowd barriers are used ad hoc when the audience needs to be held at a distance, but sometimes it is necessary to provide quick and easy access. The Gate Access Unit provides both a convenient gate access and a channel for running cabling through the barrier fence.


Crowd Barrier – 1m Cable Cross – CWB-BC

The cable access unit provides an easy and convenient pathway through the barrier fence for cables, hoses and ducts.


 Crowd barrier – Half Unit - CWB-BH

A foldable, all-aluminium barrier that is half the size of a standard barrier.  It bolts together with single units for a unified, firmly anchored barrier fence that withstands any crowd.

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