MR3 Roof - Heating up the ice in Belarus

A Milos MR3 roof and S4 xStage were recently utilised for a concert given by Alexander Rybak, a Belarusian-Norwegian singer/violinist who overwhelmingly won the 2009 Eurovision contest.  The much anticipated concert was held on April 16th at the new Ice Arena in Orsha, Belarus and claimed full capacity attendance by 3,500 fans.  In addition to Alexander, the artists Sasha Nemo, Larisa Gribaleva and Miss Bride were also performing. 

Art Ramos Studio, the Milos distributor for Belarus and production company responsible for the concert, had requested a custom dimension 16 x 14m MR3 roof from Milos that would fit within the performance area.  The resulting 14.5m high roof (maximum height of 15m) featured a sloping design, quick and easy construction, and support for up to 10,000 Kg.  If the concert would have been held outdoors, side nets and a roof canopy could have been used and the roof would have been able to withstand winds of up to 100 km/h.

Complementing the custom roof was a Milos S4 xStage that was chosen for its convenient height adjustability, extreme stability and ability to handle loads up to 750 kg/sq.m.  The stability of the S4 xStage, and its anti-slip surface, were put to the test by the “Time to Show” dancers who performed together with Alexander and never missed a beat.  We like to think that the xStage helped with their perfect dance and acrobatic routines.

“ Milos products were supplied to Ice Arena as our „out-of-the-box“ concert set, which consists of the roof, stage, truss, chain hoists, audio and lighting equipment, power distribution, and other peripheral items.  This concert set will be used both inside the Ice Arena, as well as within the city of Orsha and throughout Belarus“, said Anton Streltsov, Deputy Director of Art Ramos Studio.

As part of Milos’s “Construction Assistance Program”, Milos Sales Manager Michal Zykan and Milos Technician Zdenek Studeny travelled to Belarus for supervision, consultation and training of the Belarusian crew during installation of the roof and stage in the Ice Arena.  Their presence ensured correct and timely build-up of the structures for the Alexander concert, as well as for all Ice Arena events which use this roof and stage in the future.