Name Days Explaind -Petr

Name Days Explaind -Petr
Name-days are eagerly anticipated events in the Czech calendar.
Although the custom is widespread in Catholic and Orthodox countries in both Europe and Latin America (and is often more popular than birthdays), in other countries the celebration is largely unknown. For this reason, MILOS would like to introduce you to the Name-day.
Every month, we will select an employee and tell you more about the origin of the name as well as looking at their job specifications. This month is the turn of Peter, who celebrates his name-day on the 29th of June.
The name Peter comes from the Greek (Petros), meaning "stone" or "rock". The name is said to give its bearers hardness and strength of purpose. It is the third most numerous name in the Czech Republic.
Important bearers of the name Peter:
The world-famous football (soccer) player, Petr Cech from the Czech Republic, and from history, Saint Pope Peter of Alexandria. Peter Jackson, the celebrated film director of Lord of the Rings, is also a proud bearer of the name.
From our production workshop we selected MILOS employees: Petr Kekule, Petr Vorobok, Petr Kejval, Petr Osčádal, Petr Fuksa, Petr Civín
We wish you all the best!
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