PRG XL Video invests in EXE-Rise hoists

PRG XL Video, the UK operation of Production Resource Group, LLC, has announced a significant investment with Area Four Industries U.K. to upgrade its hoist stock with EXE-Rise units.

In a continuing commitment to update its inventory with the latest rigging, lighting, and video technology, PRG XL Video has purchased a large number of the new EXE-Rise 8:1 range of chain hoists to update its rental offering.

The selection of the EXE-Rise units followed extensive evaluation of different hoists by a team of PRG XL Video’s rigging experts including Chris Walker, Account Director, Q Willis, Head of Rigging Services, and Richard Gorrod, Head of Event Services.

This new version evolved from the already successful EXE-Rise electric chain hoist family and is designed with a WLL of 1000kg and a safety factor of 8:1. This new model includes all the key features and more of the existing product range and retains the same compact body as the popular 1120kg 5:1 Hoist.

During the development of the new EXE-Rise hoists, PRG XL Video worked with Adam Beaumont of Area Four Industries U.K. to give feedback on the design and specifications.

“We are pleased to take delivery of our first batch of the new EXE-Rise chain hoists,” commented Paul Weaver, PRG’s Head of Asset Management, EMEA. “We selected these hoists to meet increased safety requirements across Europe, which is of paramount importance, and they have the added bonus of being fully compatible with our existing control systems.

“Over the coming weeks, we will be phasing in the new hoists, ensuring we have the newest rental inventory in the industry.”

Antony Elson, Rigging HOD continues: “The EXE-Rise Chain Hoist adheres to BGV-D8, IGVW SQ P2 code of practice and is CE compliant. The specification includes two independent DC brakes, ultimate top and bottom limits, a five-pocket load wheel and helical gears. These make it one of the most silent and safe hoists available.”
In the end, the EXE-Rise series rose to the top thanks to its superior features, high level of safety and quiet operation.  PRG XL Video now has a new fleet of hoists they can rely on for many years to come.

Load Cell Interface upgrade for your EXE-Rise hoists
View your loads in real time!

Easily upgrade EXE-Rise hoists to view current loads in real time with the new load cell interface from EXE! 
• Load cell fully integrated onto hook plate assembly
• The load cell interface is easily upgraded by replacing the standard end cover.
• Large, clear, colour coded LED display
• One size load cell hook handles loads up to 2000 Kgs.
• Solid and robust to withstand the rigours of touring
• No loss of headroom compared with external load cell systems
• Dedicated software for Load Cell system management
• Withstands temperatures from -10 C - +60 C and up to 90% humidity
• Shock loading resistant