Roofing Brilliance

Roofing Brilliance
MILOS roofs are ideal for all events, from small social gatherings to truly spectacular music festivals.
Take a look at some photos of memorable concerts under MILOS roofs.
We take great pride in the fact that our roofs provide safety, stability and aesthetics for every occasion.

With us, you can choose from aluminium roofs designed for small to medium-sized events, such as the MR0 No Guy Wire Saddle Roof, which stands sturdy even without the use of Guy Wires, measuring 6x5m with loading capacity up to 30kg/m, to the truly large — the S-MR10 Steel Truss Roof, which is made for the harsh conditions of demanding festivals with a load capacity of up to 83tons and measuring 26x19m.

We are very happy that our products help to create unforgettable and safe events.
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