Safe, Strong and Sturdy Temporary Roofs

Safe, Strong and Sturdy Temporary Roofs
Our temporary aluminium roofs provide the safety, strength, and user-friendliness you require for your small to large (up to 28 m spans) outdoor events. Consisting of traditional and curved roofing profiles, each roof features quick assembly/teardown and a compact form factor for optimized transport/storage. PVC canopies are also available in a wide variety of colours to fit perfectly with your event.
Designed to install on any surface, including grass, asphalt or sand, you’re always ready for wide range of ground conditions. Custom designs are available upon request.
We offer a complete spectrum of temporary roofs that fit perfectly with your event:
- Tent
- Arched
- Sloping
- Saddle
- Keder
- Pitched
- Bat (Curious? Click on the link below to see it!)

Read more about our complete range of roofs here.