Urgent delivery to Morocco

Milos recently received an urgent request from the prestigious “Salon du Cheval” international horse show for extra pieces of M390K truss.  The annual Salon du Cheval is a royally appointed event, which is held at the 9 hectare Princess Lalla Malika Race Track in Jadida, Morocco.  A 20,000 m2 covered area on the race track grounds, which utilises Milos truss as the support structure, is where the horse show takes place.
While preparing for this year’s show, it was unexpectedly found that more M390K truss was needed...and fast.  A call immediately went out to the Milos team for emergency help.  Milos quickly sprang into action by gathering the truss and shipping it off to Jadida.  The show received the material on site in Morocco by September 8th a mere 7 days from initial call to product in hand
There is no need to be a royally appointed international event to receive this same level of service from Milos Structural Systems.  No matter how big or small your company or event, you can always count on Milos to be there when you need them the most.