LED Screen structures

LED Screen structures
MILOS LED Screen Gates provide high-quality aluminium trusses for flying screens at concerts, sports broadcasts and other events in general.

Make your event visually interesting for your audience and look at the four types of LED Screen Gates. Just choose the one suitable for your event.
Compact self-climbing LED tower with integrated ballast platform
Link: https://www.milossystems.com/products/tower-led-screens/lsg0-led-screen-structures
MT Tower LED Screen Support solution
Link: https://www.milossystems.com/products/tower-led-screens/lsg1-led-screen-structures
Free-standing MT Tower LED Screen Support solution
Link: https://www.milossystems.com/products/tower-led-screens/lsg2-led-screen-structures
Large format LED screen support structure with integrated ballast platform.
Link: https://www.milossystems.com/products/tower-led-screens/lsg3-led-screen-structures
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