Hanging Corner M290

Hanging Corner M290
The Hanging Corner is a versatile and sturdy product made from a combination of steel plate and aluminium rods.

Technical details

Self Weight
7 kg

Detailed information

Basic info

It allows you to place an additional line of truss anywhere in the structure with no need for any additional tools.
It perfectly fits the truss M290 QUATRO, TRIO or DUO, and allows you to move it to the desired position without reassembly.
No additional fittings or accessories necessary - just the same truss length between multicubes with steel half-spigots.
For other assemblies used with junctions, or multicubes with female receivers, you only need standard lengths.
The Hanging Corner is stronger than the truss used, therefore it does not define the load limit of the assembly.
The M290 Hanging Corner can only be used in pairs and cannot be used to create a cantilever structure!


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