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Suitable for MR0, MR1 and MR2 MILOS roofs, it is equipped with attachment points for steel wire ropes and chain hoists, as well as for tower erector attachment points.

The size of the MILOS MT-Icon Base is designed to fit for a ballast/IBC tank. By placing the IBC tank on the base, the proper activation of the ballast is always guaranteed.
The space between the tower truss and the IBC tank can be used for a chain hoist attached directly to the base.
If placed on uneven terrain, the spindles allow you to adjust the base to a perfectly horizontal position.
(The water tank is not part of the product)

Example of use:

  • Icon Base as foundation for (Stage towers, PA Towers or LED walls)
  • Exact dimension for IBC tank or different type of ballast placed on euro-pallet
  • Holes in the frame serve as a storage position for rope attachment lugs that can be inserted on the outside
  • Tower erector attachment points
  • Base dimensions 2050x1200mm
  • Footprint extendable by outriggers on front and/or rear side to up to 7980x1200 mm

MT- Icon Base

The solid steel MILOS MT- Icon Base is a highly versatile and extremely reliable product that can be used as a foundation for stages, a self-standing PA tower, or a LED wall.
MT- Icon Base

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