Detailed information

  • Maximum flexibility for mounting lighting fixtures
  • Connect fixtures quickly and securely via cell clamps or lifting accessories
  • Based on MILOS M100 series truss
  • Quick & ease assembly using standard conical connections
  • Durable 48 x 3mm extruded aluminium (EN AW-6082 T6)
  • Slotted tube profile to enable secondary safety attachment
  • All load information are without consideration of horizontal forces. Specific load figures can be approved on request.
  • As horizontal forces are not considered, the analysis of tipping over must be made case by case.

T/H Frames

All frames are based on our modular single tube M100 series, which features conical connection technology and our durable 48x3mm extruded aluminium (EN AW - 6082 T6) profile tubes that can be mixed and matched to achieve virtually any lighting or stage set configuration required.
Compatible with Milos cell clamps (200,400,500,600)
Available colors:
Main Tube
48 × 3 mm
T/H Frames
T/H Frames

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