Flexible hanging point for determinated load distribution M390 trio truss , w/o connection kit

Technical details

Main Tube
48x3 mm
1000 kg (DGUV 17 / BGV C1)

Detailed information

Basic info


This hanging point is designed to be used with M390 Trio truss. The suspension point is designed for overhead lifting. This unique solution allows lifting of long spans without the need of a 100% simultaneous lift. As the hanging point hinges, there is no shear or bending at the suspension point. The ideal solution for rigging long spans of truss by means of manual chain blocks. Version for M390 trusses available.

The M390 omes in three connection system versions – B, F, and U – for connection with MILOS truss, as well as with other popular truss connection systems found on the market*.

Key benefits

  • Design suitabble for overhead lifting as per DGUV 17 / BGV C1
  • Stamped with WLL 1000kg/ 2204 lbs and CE
  • Hinges upwards and downwards
  • Increased truss stability due to lower point of gravity by eccentric pick up point
  • Adapts 3.2 ton shackle

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