RA01 folding ramps

RA01 folding ramps

Technical details

  • SWL up to 400kg
  • Maximum length up to 2750 mm, 2 or 3 part versions
RA01E-405x800. 450x600, 450x800, 550x800, 550x1000

Detailed information

Basic info


RA01 folding ramp
is lightweight, and universal ramp as the perfect solution for craftsmen loading equipment or wanting to offer a low-weight simple but effective solution for wheelchairs, electric scooters, and any other items you may need to load
Ramps for Barrier-Free Usage feature a lightweight anodized anti-slip open surface with a loading capacity of SWL 400kg (881.68 lbs)

RA Folding Ramps are the perfect solution for logistics companies, construction industries and for wheelchair access. Portable ramps offer an extremely cost-effective solution with maximum safety and ease of operation. RA10 can carry loads up to 400kg and are made from anodized aluminum ensuring easy handling and installation. RA ramps are produced in 1, 2 or 3 part versions, depending on vehicle dimensions and floor height. RA Ramps are installed to the rear or side of the vehicle floor. Quick hook floor adapters make installation and removal easy. A swivel floor connection is available for those preferring storage to the side of the cargo area. Gas pistons help with smooth operation when folding and extending ramp during daily use. Folding mechanism provides low transport and storage volume when ramp is not in use.

Key benefits

  • Simple use
  • Anodized
  • Lightweight
  • Length up to 2740 mm 
  • 600mm,800mm and 1000mm widths
  • Anti-slip surface

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