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The MR1T is an upgraded version of our popular MR1 arched roof system. The extremely quick build-up time, simple design and rock solid stability of this temporary roof make it the right choice for small to medium events.

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Key benefits

  • 10x6 m (32.81x19.69 ft) Arched Roof set-up for temporary events
  • Heavy-duty M290 Quatro structure with Quatro arches
  • Fast connection for quick, simple and secure assembly
  • Operate with manual chain block or electric chain hoist (bracket required)
  • Supplied complete with internal wind bracing wires & connection accessories
  • Full structural calculation report & build manual available
  • PVC roof colour and side walls options
  • PA wing options available on request
  • Integrated tower base / stage components available
Technical specifications
Dimensions   Stage size 10x6 m 32.80x19.70 ft 8x6 m 26.25x19.70 ft
A Internal width 10.50 m 34.45 ft 8.5 m 27.89 ft
B Overall external width 12.83 m 42.09 ft 10.83 m 35.53 ft
C Internal depth 6.15 m 20.18 ft 6.15 m 20.18 ft
D Overall external depth 8.48 m 27.82 ft 8.48 m 27.82 ft
E Clearance side 4.05 m 13.29 ft 4.05 m 13.29 ft
F Clearance middle 5.60 m 18.37 ft 5.34 m 17.52 ft
G Overall height 5.91 m 19.39 ft 5.63 m 18.47 ft
H Cantilever depth 1 m 3.28ft 1 m 3.28 ft
Loading capacity
Loading capacity   Stage size 10x6 m 32.80x19.70 ft 8x6 m 26.25x19.70 ft  
Arches front and rear Uniformly distributed (UDL) 30 kg/m 20 lbs/ft 30 kg/m 20 lbs/ft  
Arches mid Uniformly distributed (UDL) 20 kg/m 13 lbs/ft 20 kg/m 13 lbs/ft  
Side truss Uniformly distributed (UDL) 30 kg/m 20 lbs/ft 30 kg/m 20 lbs/ft  
PA load 2x Point load at cantilever 150 kg 330 lbs 150 kg 330 lbs *If no load at front arch
* See structural report for exact load position          
Operational specifications
Design standards DIN EN 13814 (2005)
DIN EN 1991 / Eurocode 1
DIN EN 1999 / Eurocode 9
DIN EN 1993 / Eurocode 3
Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures
Actions on structures
Design of aluminium structures
Design of steel structures
• All of our structures are produced as standard under EN 1090 EXC2, including the neccessary guy wires, instruction manual and engineering report
Wind management Out of service
In service
28.0m/s - 100km/h - 62mph (Max. gust windspeed)
17.8m/s - 64km/h - 40mph (Max. gust wind speed)
* Calculations based on 100% closed side canopies
* Side canopies to be removed above this windspeed if not considered
Ballast This can vary per tower from 1300kg / 2863lbs up to 3082kg / 6789lbs and depends on:
• If tower bases are interconnected or free-standing
• Layout of canopies
• Self-weight of load or interconnected stage is considered (Might be deducted from ballast under certain conditions)
• Friction material used between screw jacks, padding and sub soil
Canopy & sidewalls B1 fire retardant canopy on request, single piece format or in kedder profiles on request
Silvergrey; other colors or inside black on request
B1 fire retardant side nets in compliance with latest Eurocodes
Customised Customisation (i.e. truss configuration, alternative dimensions, roof adjustability) on requirement
Transportation data
Self-weight Stage size 10x6 m 32.80x19,70 ft 8x6 m 26.25x19,70 ft
* Exact self-weight depends on configuration 1834 kg 4040 lbs 1034 kg 2278 lbs
Transport volume * Packed in carton boxes and bubble foil 20 m3 706 ft3 15 m3 530 ft3

MR1T Arched (10x6 m, 8x6m)

Arched, aluminium roof (one level higher than our MR1) that gives your events a dynamic look, while eliminating water pockets and water build-up. Perfect choice for small to medium events.
MR1T 10x6m, MR1T 8x6m
Max. Stage Dimensions
10x6 m
Max. Clearance
5.6 m
Max. SWL
1260 kg
Wind Rating
64/100 km/h (in/out of service)
MR1T Arched (10x6 m, 8x6m)


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