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Whoever said that size doesn’t matter hasn’t seen the MR5 in action. The MR5 is the largest roof in the Milos MR range and creates a huge concert stage area that can accommodate the biggest and most demanding events. Manufactured to strict specifications by certified welders, the MR5 is delivered with both static calculations and an assembly manual. Call or e-mail us today for more information or to request a quote.

Key benefits

  • MR5 Mega-Pitched Roof structure for temporary events
  • MT2 / MT3 self-climbing towers upto 12,5 m high (41.01 ft) with M950 main grid
  • M950 folding series used to minimise volume for storage & transporation
  • Easy back stage area integration to main structure
  • Supplied complete with internal wind bracing wires & connection accessories
  • Full structural calculation report & build manual available
  • PVC roof colour and side wall keder options
  • Integrated tower base / stage components available
  • PA / Video wing options available on request
  •  EXE hoists recommended
Technical specification
Dimensions   Stage size 24x14 m 78,74x45,93 ft 20x14 m 65,62x45,93 ft
A Internal width 24,76 m 81.23 ft 20,76 m 68.11 ft
B Overall external width 27,84 m 91.34 ft 23,84 m 78.22 ft
C Internal depth 14,74 m 48.36 ft 14,74 m 48.36 ft
D Overall external depth 17,80 m 58.40 ft 17,80 m 58.40 ft
E Clearance 11,48 m 37.66 ft 11,48 m 37.66 ft
F Overall height 14,43 m 47.34 ft 14,43 m 47.34 ft
G Cantilever depth 2,02 m 6.63 ft 2,02 m 6.63 ft
Loading capacity
Loading capacity   Stage size 24x14 m 78,74x45,93 ft 20x14 m 65,62x45,93 ft
Main grid Uniformly distributed (UDL) 15000 Kg 33069 lbs 20000 Kg 44092 lbs
Side wing Central point load (CPL) 3000 Kg 6613lbs 3000 Kg 6613 lbs
* See structural report for exact load positioning    
Operational specifications
Design standarts DIN EN 13814 (2005)
DIN 1055-4
DIN 4113
DIN 18800
Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures
Actions on structures / wind
Design of aluminium structures
Design of steel structures
• All our structures are standard produced under EN 1090 EXC2, include neccessary guy wires, instruction manual and engineering report
Wind management Out of service
In service
28,3m/s - 100km/h - 62mph (Max. gust windspeed
17,8m/s - 64km/h - 40mph (Max. gust windspeed)
* Calculations based on 100% closed side canopies
* Side canopies to be removed above this wind speed if not considered
Ballast This can vary per tower from 2375kg / 5231lbs up to 12700kg / 27973lbs and depends on:
• If tower bases are interconnected or freely standing
• Lay-out of canopies
• Self-weight of load or interconnected stage is considered (Might be deducted from ballast under certain conditions)
• Friction material used between screw jacks, padding and sub soil
Canopy & sidewalls B1 fire retardant canopy, in kedders, configurable for different sizes on request
Silvergrey; other colors or inside black on request
B1 fire retardant side nets in compliance with latest Eurocodes
Customized Customisation (i.e. truss configuration, alternative dimensions, roof adjustability) on requirement
Transportation data
Self-weight Stage size 24x14 m 78,74x45,93 ft 20x14 m 65,62x32,81 ft
* Exact self-weight depends on configuration 7200 kg 15859 lbs 6435 kg 14174 lbs
Transport volume * Packed in carton boxes and bubble foil 120 m3 4237 ft3 100 m3 3531 ft3


MR5 Pitched (24x14m, 20x14m)

The largest roof in the Milos MR range for immense concert stages at the most demanding events. 
MR5 24x14m, 20x14m
Max. Stage Dimensions
24x14 m
Max. Clearance
47.34 ft
Wind Rating
64/100 km/h (in/out of service)
MR5 Pitched (24x14m, 20x14m)


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