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Detailed information

  • UDL on the main roof 50 tons
  • PA in total 12 tons (4 tons per main PA, 2 tons per sidefill PA)
  • LED in side wing 500 kg/m  
  • Constructed from Ultra High Strength Steel
  • Unique locking system with 45t capacity per tower
  • Steel Head-section with aluminium wheels and heavy duty bearings
  • Dimensions 28x19 m (92x62 ft)
  • Durable industrial black paint finish as standard on all truss
  • Towers with integrated ladder for easy climbing
  • Canopy tensioning system for roof top canopies
  • Keder profiles for secure attachment of canopies
Technical specification
Dimensions   Stage size 28x19 m 91.86x62.33 ft
A Internal width 28.50 m 93.50 ft
B Overall external width 53.10 m 174.21 ft
C Depth 15.80 m 51.83 ft
D Overall external depth 20.30 m 66.60 ft
E Clearance 13.70 m 44.94 ft
F Overall height 17.20 m 56.43 ft

S-MR10 Steel roof (28x19)

S-MR10 Steel roof (28x19)


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