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The tower is stable and robust thanks to its connection to the base, which can be extended by outriggers and has also guy-wire attachment points. Adjustable spindles allows you optimal height adjustment.

Constructed with MILOS S-QTPT Ultra-High-Strength steel Truss (530x530mm: 35m Span with 69kg/m UDL). Pinned connectors are used to increase safety and strength.
When used as 20 m high, free-standing tower integrated in S-MT-P-01 Base, the load capacity is up to 25145 kg.
When used as 20 m high tower in a guy-wire-braced ground support, the load capacity is up to 47228 kg, or when used with Locking Unit to 45333 kg.
  Features and benefits:
  • Steel head-section with aluminium wheels and heavy duty bearings
  • Integrated steel base with spindles for height adjustability
  • Integrated forklift pickup points
  • End Frames of Truss equipped with lateral connection options
  • Main chords 60,3x4mm
  • Diagonals      33,7x2,6mm
  • Integrated ladder for easy climbing
  • Locking unit with capacity 45 333 kg


S-MT-P Steel Tower

Depends on configuration
S-MT-P Steel Tower

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