M290E - Modular truss with Lighting track

Available colors:
Main Tube
50 x 2mm
16 x 2mm
Available Length
0,5 - 5m
280 mm
M290E - Modular truss with Lighting track
M290E - Modular truss with Lighting track

Detailed information


The Milos M290 electro system with integrated track lighting is the ideal choice for retail and display lighting truss applications.
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NOTE: Duo loading data are based on use in vertical orientation with lateral stabilisation of both the top and bottom main chord every 1m”.

Key benefits

  • Modular truss series with integrated lighting track
  • Custom lengths & curves available
  • Perfect for retail, display & architectural environments
  • Connection kit supplied with every truss component
  • Supplied with 3x16 Amp mains track (Eutrac)
  • Powder coat colour finish available on request
  • Track adapters & accessories to suit wide range of luminares


M290E - Standard lengths and weights available
  0.5 m 1 m 1.5 m 2 m 2.5 m 3 m 4 m 5 m
Duo 1.73 kg 3.00 kg 4.30 kg 5.70 kg 7.00 kg 8.30 kg 10.60 kg 13.60 kg
Trio 2.97 kg 4.88 kg 6.87 kg 8.90 kg 10.90 kg 13.11 kg 16.50 kg 20.80 kg

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